I started blogging in the fall of 2009, shortly after I fell pregnant (I say “fell pregnant” because that’s what it felt like, falling down a rabbit hole from which I am only just emerging). That same autumn, I signed with a Literary Agent from Waterside Productions and began writing my first book.

Little did I know, the act of growing and raising another human would turn the whole writing-gig into a slow dance…more like making your own taffy by hand, than dirty dancing…or that I would enjoy the process of blogging so much, I would often spend my precious free moments writing whimsical thoughts on life, rather than working on my personal tome.

So I called this section “Kiri’s Body”, as it’s my body of published writing and interviews to date…some is more serious than others, but all straight from my heart.


Faces Of Change/Activism

The Lighter Side (Kiri’s Elbows)

Activism, Anger, Fear and Meditation

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  1. Thanks for your Puff Post OOppps I mean Huff Post Pot Piece. I am a 61 year-old Male who’s been puffin’ since I was 15. Kiri, one of the things we all need to help do is separate Medicinal from Recreational so the rest of them get the difference. Thanks for comin’ out. Mark

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