Welcome to Kiri Westby’s personal website.

I’m a troublemaker by heart, a mother by choice and a writer by chance.

After nearly a decade working in human rights advocacy and philanthropy in war zones, I began to write.  At first, I wrote to get the images and names out of my head. But then I began to write for you…and for me.

While I write on topics ranging from human rights to childbirth to toilets, the angle is usually the same: my unique way of seeing things.

My blogs are featured on Huffington Post and Care2, and I am also a contributor to Vivid Life, Intent and Elephant Journal.

Thanks for visiting my site, reading my thoughts and, most of all, sharing some of yours while you’re here.

I believe that those of us who work towards a more equitable, less violent world must connect with one another if our individual efforts are to be expanded and amplified!

So, please share any content that moves you, drop me a line directly or leave a comment – no matter how honest – I am open to all of it.

Towards Peace,

Kiri Westby