Vox Feminista is a radical feminist performance group that has been putting on shows in Boulder, Colorado since I was 13 years old! Their tag line is “We are here to comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable”…and the Womyn of Vox have been doing just that with bi-annual shows that bring together skits, political commentary and slam poetry taking on some of the biggest issues of our times…from war to environmental destruction to rape.

They recently invited me to join in a writers circle, working on our first full play. Without giving too much away, we are writing an adventure story in which a group of radical, whistle-blowing bees (along with some grumpy, reluctant mushrooms) embark on an epic journey to save planet earth from the parasitic threat to all living species: humans! It’s gonna be rife with intrigue, espionage, kidnapping, war and redemption and it’s gonna take a lot of plastic!

Stay tuned for more, coming to a stage winter 2014.

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