I often feel like I stumbled into motherhood, rather than coasting in gracefully, and writing about it has helped enormously! I have gotten feedback from other moms and dads that it’s been helpful for them to read about my path, which is entirely the point.

Below are links to some of my “mommy blogs”…though I hate that term and would rather you picture me sending out furtive dispatches from the jungles of an overrun island called “motherhood”.

So, what I meant to say is: below are links to some of my “warrior-woman-who-runs-with-a-diaper-bag blogs”

When It’s Moms Turn To Leave

Each Moment Is New: Lessons From the Frontlines of Motherhood

I’m Going To Eat My Placenta

Contemplating Death While Creating Life

Confessions Of A Pothead Mom

Spare The Love, Spoil The Child

Stop Being A Good Mom

A Letter To My Unborn Child

Whatcha got to say?

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