I began Faces of Change as a blog series in 2011 with the expressed intent to use my access to a large readership, through HuffingonPost.com and Care2.com, to amplify the voices of Front-line Human Rights Defenders who are being targeted and want to use the increased visibility as part of an effective security strategy.

Thus far, I have mainly collaborated with grantees and partners of Urgent Action Fund For Women’s Human Rights, an international human rights organization that I worked for full-time from 2000-2005, and as a consultant for since. I am open to inquiries from other organizations or individuals who would like me to consider writing about their work or struggle as part of this series.

Here are some of the highlights from the Faces of Change blog series:

Leyla Yunus: A Women Whose Only Weapon Is A Word.

Sunila Abeysekera: Brutality and Violence Escalate in Sri Lanka.

Awatef Rasheed: Iraqi Women Speak, “US Troop Withdrawal Our Double-Edged Sword”.

Kemal Ordek: Glenn Close’s Albert Nobbs Brings Transgender Identity To The Red Carpet.

Whatcha got to say?

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