Good Morning America!


I was having lunch this afternoon with my childhood bestie when my phone beeped with a new email. It was from The Huffington Post saying that Good Morning America wanted me on their show ASAP to discuss my blog. I presumed it was my now infamous “Pot Blog” they were talking about. 

I called them back and heard, “I assume you know that your blog on traveling moms has gone viral, well Good Morning America wants to come to your house tonight and interview you about it, will that work for you?” I choked on my water. I had not actually seen that my blog was doing so well and was stunned that the media wanted to talk to me about something other than marijuana! I ran home to check the blog online and see what folks were saying in the comments (isn’t that where us bloggers always look?). Again, people were moved, inspired and grateful for my perspective. I was blown away.

The interview went incredibly well and they kept it light and fun. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and find it online somewhere…that is after I make breakfast, pick out clothes, braid hair and pack a lunch. A mama’s work is never done. 

Enjoy the interview, I hope I come across as me (I’ll post the clip once they send it to me).


Kiri Westby

About KiriWestby

Kiri Westby is an international women's human rights activist, a blogger and an author. She has worked actively to advance the rights of women and girls in areas of armed conflict since 2000, and spent time in Chinese prison for her activism in 2007. Kiri is also an avid traveler, a devoted partner and a mother.

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