Himalayan High: Tattooing in the Shadow of Everest


An article I wrote last year in Tattoo Culture Magazine has been posted as a blog! Read it and let me know your thoughts…

TAM Blog

By Kiri Westby


When I first heard there was a tattoo convention in Kathmandu, Nepal I was astounded!

I lived in Nepal as a college student, worked there as a human rights activist during the recent civil war and have spent a lot of time studying Nepali language and culture. I also married a tattoo artist seven years ago and have been on a crash course of American tattoo culture ever since.  Nowhere in my mind did the tattoo scene that I had come to know and the traditional culture of Nepal mix.  But there it was, website and all, and I was instantly fascinated.

My friend Eric Inksmith, a veteran of American tattooing, challenged me to take him to Kathmandu, having never really left the U.S. before. Like a butterfly suddenly wondering about the storms it’s own wings have produced, Eric was curious to follow the trail…

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About KiriWestby

Kiri Westby is an international women's human rights activist, a blogger and an author. She has worked actively to advance the rights of women and girls in areas of armed conflict since 2000, and spent time in Chinese prison for her activism in 2007. Kiri is also an avid traveler, a devoted partner and a mother.

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